Experience on joining the weDevs Intern program

The starting point of everything is a unique experience. And we all had some sort of similar experience of starting something new, It could be the beginning of a job, Business, marriage, or relationship. There is one thing all these relationships have in common is you would not have many ideas about how it’s going to be like. We all have our expectations. Some have bad experiences, some have good according to their assumption. I am going to share my experience of the first day at my job. 

The company and the job

My company name is weDevs. I just joined the company as a product manager intern. If you don’t know weDves contributes some of the greatest e-commerce business management products on the most popular cms globally called WordPress.

So I was super excited to come to the office, see the environment and meet all the cool people. At the same time, I realized I was nervous which I’m not very familiar with. So I tried to find out the reason behind my nervousness and then I figured out we become nervous about only those things we care about the most. And I couldn’t care less for the job post I applied for which is Product Manager. I spent most of my leisure time learning everything I could about why people love some products when they forget about other products. So the organization and the job were a big deal for me.

Finally the day


So the first day there I reached the office sitting in the waiting room looking around. I was sitting there looking at everyone entering and rushing into their desk. I was picturing myself doing the same being excited for some great product that a lot of people are going to use. Thoughts were storming into my head making me excited. Then I was called inside for an introduction with the senior members. Everyone was very friendly and welcoming. Afterward, I had the awaiting office tour. And I followed my senior to my desk.

First impression

It was nothing like how I imagined it would be. My assumption was it would be a gathering of a lot of developers, designers, etc. Every team would have a different section of the floor, most of them are gonna work silently in their own corner. But surprisingly it was very different from other organizations I knew. There was a small group of developers sitting together in a mid-size room smiling and working together. For a moment it seemed like all of them were friends from the same neighborhood. It was great. It amazed me thinking how these small numbers of developers are managing all these cool products. That explains weDevs team’s enthusiasm for their product and how organized the environment was, simple and efficient. 

I received some joining gifts and got introduced to the team I will be working with. Rest of the day I spent reading the organization’s policy, culture, and everything. Did I forget to mention how lucky I am that two of my friends already work in weDevs. I was delighted to see two known faces there. Three of us had lunch together after ages. I was also fortunate that the team I will be working with had an outing program the same evening. I got to chat, eat and connect with the team pleasingly.

For upcoming days

To conclude I had a blissful first-day experience on joining the weDevs Intern program. The beginning was good. Now my goal is to overcome all the upcoming challenges and learn and explore a lot of things on the journey.  I want to reach my best potential and see what I contribute to make a product better.